Rental Rates

Rental rates vary based on the location(s) that will be used around the farm.
Education Building
Main Room                                                                                $100.00
Main Room (with kitchen)                                                   $150.00
Addition                                                                                       $100.00
Main Room & Addition                                                           $200.00
Main Room (with kitchen) & Addition                             $250.00
Picnic Pavilion (includes 12 picnic tables)                     $100.00
Grounds (pasture, school lawn, open barn area)        $75.00 (per area)

Staff Supervisor                        $20 per hour – 1 hour minimum

Custodial services are included in above fees. All fees are based on a 3 hour use. (1/2 hour before and after is allowed for set up and clean up) Some tents, tables and chairs are available for use on the farm for a small fee. A small sound system is available for a fee. Outhouses are available on the farm. Regular bathrooms are available at the education building. Port-a-potties can be brought in for an additional fee.

*A 10% discount is offered to non-profits and Quiet Valley Members.