Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1993 by the Board of Directors in response to an initiative by Quiet Valley’s founder, Alice Wicks.  The purpose of the endowment is to provide a secure future for Quiet Valley through a permanently restricted fund.  As the keepers of this historic landmark and living historical museum, we are honored to bring the vision of Alice Wicks to our current visitors and with your help we can extend it far into the future.

The Board of Directors respectfully request that when you complete your estate planning, you make Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm a beneficiary. Please call Quiet Valley with questions at 570-992-6161 or contact the Executive Director at administrator@quietvalley.org. All donations to the Endowment Fund are tax-deductible.  A wide variety of planned giving options are available.

A gift of cash, securities, or real estate made upon the donor’s death through provisions in a will or living trust. The amount of the gift is exempt from estate taxes.

Retirement Plans
A designation of Quiet Valley as the beneficiary of a donor’s qualified pension plan, IRA, or stock option plan. Allows the donor use of the assets during his or her lifetime, while providing the donor with the opportunity to make a large future gift and reduce his or her taxable estate.

Charitable Reminder Trust
An irrevocable transfer of assets to a trust naming Quiet Valley as the ultimate beneficiary or one of several beneficiaries. the donor receives annually a life income of a set amount or fixed percentage. the donor also receives immediate tax deduction and may add to the trust in future years.

Charitable Lead Trust
An income-producing asset placed in a trust, the income of which is contributed to Quiet Valley for a designated period, after which the asset is returned to the donor or designated beneficiary.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Designation of Quiet Valley as owner and beneficiary. For a new policy, this allows the donor to classify premium payments as charitable tax-deductible contributions. For existing policies, a donor can generally deduct the entire replacement value of the policy plus any subsequent premium payments. If the policy is not fully paid-up, its approximate cash value plus future premium payments are usually fully deductible.

Gifts to the Collections
Charitable bequests may also include historical artifacts. Please contact our Curator for more information. curator@quietvalley.org

In Memory Funds
Funds are often established to provide a giving opportunity to family and loved ones at the time of a Funeral and Memorial Service and can be pre-established by the donor or selected by surviving family.

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