Programs for Homeschoolers

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Quiet Valley offers unique experiences for homeschoolers to get involved and learn skills and programs rarely offered in a classroom.  Participants explore the outdoors while developing core life skills and simultaneously give back to the community! Students develop problem solving and social skills while participating on the farm.  Homeschoolers can get involved in a number of ways from assisting with tours to participating in workshops and much more.

Winter Homeschool Program 

Each winter Quiet Valley offers a four sessions program exploring a different aspect of the farm.   These programs often focus on historic winter activities, food, crafts, and farm animals.  Click the title to learn more!

Spring School Tours

Quiet Valley offers homeschoolers a chance to be team leaders and teach historic skills to visitors.  During the Spring when public and private school groups visit, we like to have children volunteering on the farm to show what “life was like for a child back then.” This is a great opportunity for homeschoolers to gain refine their social skills and gain practice with public speaking.  Participants will be with an adult supervisor.  They will demonstrate historic crafts, help in our one-room school house,  show off our small animals and much more! Contact the Director of Education for more information 570-992-6161.

  19th Century Days 

19th Century Days is a two day intensive program where students learn through hands-on instructions.  This program usually takes place in April.  Students participate in small groups based around a certain topic with other students close to their age.  Programs are for students ages 14-18, 10-13, and 6-9 years old. These classes fill up quickly, keep an eye on the registration date.

Quiet Valley Explorers 

We often lovingly refer to this as our Apprenticeship Programs. During the summer, homeschool and public school students have a chance to participate in a week long camp exploring 19th century life skills.

Hands On History Programs 

Quiet Valley offers a number of programs and workshops that teach history through activities.  These programs tend to focus more in depth on one concept such as lighting, food, or holiday celebrations then a general tour would. You only need 10 people for one of these special programs.