Camp Programs

A visit to Quiet Valley is fun for any age but especially for the young! Children will have a good time learning what kids did on the farm during the 1800’s. 

To register for winter camp, call the farm office at 570-992-6161.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic there are limits to the number of campers in a session. Payments are due one week prior to the start of camp and refunds will be processed in the event we are unable to hold camps due to government restrictions.

Dates: Wednesdays February 3, 7, 17, 24
Time: 9:30am to 2:30pm
8 to 12
Limit of:
12 Students
Cost: $100 QV Members/$125 Non-Members
Winter Camp Overview – February 2021
Theme:    Winter Survival in 19th-Century America

Summary:    Brrr!  It’s 10 degrees at 7 AM, and all you want to do is stay in bed and go back to sleep.  But your mom won’t allow it.  “Hurry up and get ready for school!” she hollers from the kitchen.  “You’ll miss the bus!”

No time for a hot shower.  Sleepy-eyed and shivering, you pull on yesterday’s jeans and a heavy sweater. A sweet aroma finally lures you downstairs.   Mom’s fresh-baked cinnamon rolls!   Something to help you get through the morning.  Winter survival.

Or is it?

Set the clock back 200 years:  no school bus, no hot shower, and you probably wouldn’t have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  In fact, you may have had to scoot out to the barn and milk the cow beforehand.  Winter is hard enough in 2021.   Imagine how hard it was in 1821!

This February, we will explore what it was like to live through a gloomy, cold winter in 19th-century America.  How did people stay warm without modern heating systems?  How did they function in the dark without electricity?  How did children attend school without buses or cars?  How did they study and learn without spiral notebooks or 3-ring binders, let alone computers?  What did they do to amuse themselves indoors during bleak, black nights and howling snowstorms? They certainly couldn’t curl up to a movie on Netflix!

As we discover what winter was like in the 1800s, we will compare and contrast what it meant to survive then to what it means now, with a focus on distinguishing between wants (such as cinnamon rolls!)  and needs (such as basic food staples).

So bundle up and get ready for an adventure in true winter survival!

2021 SUMMER CAMPS – Sessions TBA
Quiet Valley offers three different camps covering age ranges from Kindergarten through ninth grade. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about such things as farm animals, gardening, and typical 19th-century chores like wash day. They will have hands-on experiences with heritage crafts, cooking, and baking. Games, hay jumps, hiking, and exploring the homestead are all part of the good times waiting for Quiet Valley camp kids.