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The following programs are offered seasonally, following the seasons on the farm.  There are programs for all ages and interests.

School Tours 

These programs are available for school-age children ranging from kindergarten through high school. This tour can also be adapted to suit the needs of adult groups, civic organization, and special needs.  These programs tend to be offered in the spring, summer and fall.

Winter Programs 

Things don’t slow down in winter at the farm. here are a wide variety of activities for your small to medium sized groups to come and participate in hands-on learning opportunities. These programs are generally offered November through March.

Hand on History Programs 

These hands-on activities help provide a chance for deeper exploration of some aspect of history.  These programs lend themselves well to returning groups, scouts working towards merit badges, and many more! These programs are particular great for people interested in heritage crafts. These programs tend to be offered in the winter but can be available throughout the year.

Outreach Programs

These programs can travel to you! If you can’t make it to the farm-a small part of the farm can travel to you. These programs tend to be offered int the fall and winter when its hard to travel to the farm.