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Hello Folks,
Aunt Eunice here. I pray today finds you doing well and in good health. I have heard many discussions on the news and from telephone conversations with coworkers and family that changes are coming soon as to who can go out into the wide world. I hope the powers that be are making judicious and thoughtful decision about loosening the reins on social contact. Caution should be our watch word. Hopefully this is the sign for which we have been waiting and praying.

I have been so interested during our seclusion in all the efforts of people to stay connected and to entertain themselves and others. Videos being one of the major way to make this happen. Everyone from famous actors and musicians to your next door neighbor have jumped on the band wagon. It’s wonderful to see the creative spirit of the human race with videos of everything from toboggan slides down stairways to songs and crafts and cooking. Bravo! It is good for the soul to have the truly good laugh that some of these videos bring.

Quiet Valley has been sharing videos, too, each Friday. The content varies and we hope you both enjoy them and learn something interesting. We are trying to stay connected to the outside world while the actual farm museum is closed. This Friday’s video should be on weaving which is always a very popular subject. As summer approaches and the gates to the farm are finally open you can come out and see many of the video subjects taking place right before your eyes. On Quiet Valley’s website there is a Calendar of Events section that  lists summer events and highlights. Be sure to check it regularly as Highlights will be added for the next month or so. At some point Aunt Eunice will be demonstrating Rag Doll Making and also teaching folks about Pantry Staples such as eggs, sugar, butter and salt.

That’s all for now, folks. We appreciate you checking in with us. Stay safe and I will talk to you soon. Aunt Eunice

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