Roll with the Changes & Let the Good Times Roll

Hello Folks,
Aunt Eunice here. I am hoping everyone is in a healthy state. I am sure many of you are still at home as I am. My middle daughter and I are able to work from home though I miss the farm at Quiet Valley. It is lovely to watch spring develop across the landscape. Many trees like wild cherry and crab apple will soon be blossoming. Winter aconite and snowdrops were making a great showing before I left the farm. I am watching our weekly videos on YouTube about gardening and see that they are preparing the soil and planting cool weather crops at Quiet Valley. I think I am jealous!

As many organizations have had to do, Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm has had to make some changes to the schedule, come up with additional fundraising efforts and in general roll with the changes. Flexibility is key. As no one really knows when the good times will roll again (we pray for hot spots like Louisiana) we are making decisions using a prudent timeline. We have lost our spring revenue, a big portion of our budget, and don’t want to give up our first fundraiser of the year, Farm Animal Frolic, usually held in May. A fundraiser on the farm in May seems optimistic which I usually am. Better to be sure that we will have the all clear . With that in mind we have pushed Farm Animal Frolic to our opening weekend of summer tour season. So on June 20th and 21st we will be having a one weekend Frolic so everyone can come see the baby animals, help support the farm museum, take the historic tour and as a bonus enjoy our annual Summer Garden Party. That is the plan as it stands at this moment. Stay tuned though for updates and fine tuning! The good times one way or the other will be rolling for sure.

I am praying for everyone’s wellbeing and please be safe. It is frustrating to be limited in what we can do and where we can go, but if we do the smart things and the hard things now the sooner we will defeat this dangerous virus. Fight the good fight and roll with the changes. I will be thinking of you.

That’s all for now. Take care and talk to you soon. Aunt Eunice

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