Bits and Bobs

Hello Folks,
Aunt Eunice here. August has arrived and I am now wondering what plans I have time to make before summer ends. Visits to family, a weekend away, a few days at home to catch up on chores? I know for sure I will be on the farm tomorrow August 10th for our 13th annual Heritage Craft Day. I will be the one demonstrating basket making.
Most times I am working in Quiet Valley’s office, but I treasure the times I can work on the farm. Yes, the air conditioning in the Ed Center is nice on hot and humid days. The farm is so lovely though and I love interacting with our guests. I do a bit of this and that for Quiet Valley. Marketing, advertising, PR, being webmaster, creating special events both small and large, administrative assistant, a tour guide occasionally, teach workshops and am even a demonstrator. When needed I help put up tents and tables, set up areas for events, wash dishes, cook, sweep floors and more. No moss grows under a staff person’s feet here on the homestead!
Working for this small non-profit means wearing many different hats, not just your Quiet Valley bonnet! The staff works very hard to cover their many roles, to keep business thriving, visitors educated and entertained, to keep the buildings and grounds in good repair, to develop new events and programming, take care of raising crops and farm animals and so much more. Each time I am on the farm a tiny little mission of mine is to pick up the odd bits and bobs of litter that can be found. I have an issue with litter. Women in the early 1800s on the farm wore outfits without modern day pockets. They used a pouch type of pocket that tied around their waist and was worn under their apron.
I put the litter debris plus interesting things I find on the ground (unless it is something that makes me say “Eww!!”) in my pocket until I get near a waste can. Sometimes it is surprising what I collect. Last week I dumped my pocket out and was amused at what I found. It was like a cross between a child’s keepsake box and Mary Poppin’s carpet bag! It is astounding how much you can fit in your pocket. There was a pretty dried half of a walnut. When I turn it one way it reminds me of a pig snout and the other way of an owl’s face. I also had thirty six cents, empty candy wrappers, a broken pen, the corner of a credit card, a rack card, a gray plastic guitar pic, a Popsicle stick, a nice turkey feather, a turquoise hair band, an earring back and a partridge in a pear tree! No, actually I am kidding about the partridge. I would never put one in my pocket!
Bit and bobs, odds and ends, the little things that escape our possession or ones some of us set free on purpose. Some day I may make a collage using these type of found items. Wouldn’t that be an interesting project? Making art from the detritus of life.
I hope you make it out to Heritage Craft Day tomorrow. If you do come stop by the basket making area and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you.

That’s all for now. Take care. Aunt Eunice

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