Frolic – It’s What Baby Sheep and Goats Do

Hello folks,
Aunt Eunice is back to talk about frolicking. Does anyone remember as a young child just leaping and jumping about with mad abandon for no particular reason? Just for the sheer joy of it? Oh, to be young enough to kick my heels up again! When I watch the new baby goats (known as kids) and baby sheep (known as lambs) run and gambol about in a gleeful excess of energy at only a few days old, I do admit to some mild jealousy. I had my chance though. My mother always said I had two speeds. In the daytime, completely on, full speed ahead! Lots of running and kicking up of heels then. At night time, the sleep of the dead. An atomic blast wouldn’t have budged me. Oh, to sleep that well again! The things we don’t fully appreciate until we get older. As the first weekend of Farm Animal Frolic approaches I eagerly anticipate watching the performance as the baby animals show off for us. Come out and enjoy the show with me. Frolic is Saturdays May 18 & 25 10am to 4pm and Sundays May 19 & 26 from noon to 4pm. Lots to see and do. See the full schedule of activities.

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