April Has Arrived!

 Happy April Folks,
   Aunt Eunice here. I came into work on Monday and was prepared for jokes and pranks to crop up throughout the day. Farmer Milt is especially known for playing a good prank! After all it was April Fool’s Day!! I waited on tenterhooks for the first joke to spring up determined to see it coming. As the day progressed and nothing happened I became more and more nervous. Much to my surprise when the end of the day came and it was time to go home and no pranks took place, I actually felt disappointed. What happened to everyone’s playful, mischievous side?! A well thought-out, harmless joke can be a great laugh for everyone as long as you are a good sport about it. It made me think about how the tradition of this day got started. Click on the link and see what History.com says about April Fools’ Day.
Some of my favorite worldwide jokes were the famous Swiss Spaghetti Harvest, the National Geographic – No more naked animal photos and Taco Bells – We Bought the Liberty Bell.

When I came up Quiet Valley Road this morning it was a bit dreary, wet and cold, just as the weatherman predicted. Lining the right side of the road though are a number of clumps of Snowdrops flowers also known as Galanthus. How lovely they are and certainly brightened my outlook. They are one of the earliest spring flowers in our area and as their name suggests, these flowers may not even wait for the snow to melt before emerging from their sleep, instead pushing right up through the snow, a enchanting sight for a winter-weary soul. They seem to be a bit late in blooming this year. Better late than never.

April is off to a good start and here at the farm we are scurrying to prepare for Spring Field Trips which begin on the 15th. It’s never very quiet at Quiet Valley and we are almost always as busy as beavers.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be in touch again soon. Thanks for checking in. Aunt Eunice

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