Outreach Off-Site Programs

If you cannot come to the Farm, let Quiet Valley come visit you! Our travel outreach programs include:

Lighting Throughout the Ages
How did people light their homes before there were electric lights?

Food Preservation – From Salt to Canning Jars
How did people preserve food in the days before refrigerators and freezers?

Just For Nice
Early settlers were hard working, but still found time to create beautiful handcrafts.  Learn about different forms of folk art.

Pennsylvania Trees and Their Uses
Settlers used the different kinds of tree that they found in Pennsylvania’s forests. Learn about trees and wood. Check our website for the complete list.

Costs for all Outreach Programs:
Up to 25 people – $100 plus mileage
26 – 50 people – $150 plus mileage
51 – 75 people – $200 plus mileage
76 – 100 people – $225 plus mileage
Over 100 people – $250 plus mileage

Craft supplies can be provided for an additional fee. Programs involving our farm animals are available upon request.

Henrietta the Hen Program runs 1 to 1¼ hour

Henrietta the Hen will visit your school and help students learn about farm life in the olden days. The students will hear an original story about farm children and find out what a day was like for them. There will be related activities, games and a chance to meet a live chicken.

Pennsylvania academic standards: Science 3.3

Weekdays – November 1 to mid March
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
$60 per class (if more than 25 in group – $1.60 additional per person)
Minimum: $180.00 plus mileage @ current Federal reimbursement rate ($.54 as of 1/1/16)
Limited Travel Area

Molly the Sheep  Program runs 1 to 1½ hours
Come visit
Molly the Sheep on the farm. Students have an opportunity to card wool, spin and weave as they learn the story of making cloth. They will also have a chance to interact with a live sheep and learn all about Molly and why she is important on the farm.

Pennsylvania academic standards: Art 9.2, Science 3.3

Weekdays – November, January, February, March, early April
Grades 1 and up
$5.00 per person
Minimum: $100