Dipping Candles 631942nd Annual Harvest Festival
Saturday and Sunday October 8 & 9, 2016
Open 10am to 5pm both days. Rain or Shine.
Admission – Adults $10; Ages 3-12 $5

Come enjoy harvest time on the farm. Learn about heritage crafts and traditional skills such as spinning, weaving, broom making, scrapple making, apple butter making, basket making and candle making. There will also be plenty of folk entertainment, good country food, children’s activities, pumpkin decorating, a quilt raffle, pony rides, horse drawn wagon rides, one room schoolhouse presentations, outdoor brick bake oven and much more. Both the PA 142nd Volunteer Infantry Company G Civil War reenactors and the NJ Frontier Guard who portray French and Indian War soldiers will be encamped on the farm.
This event is great fun for all ages.
   This year’s theme is 19th Century Tools, Trades & Technology. When was hand spinning phased out in favor of the new, affordable fabrics available at the mercantile? What new, time saving kitchen gadgets were invented in the 1800s? How was home construction changing by the end of the century? What new advancements were shown at the 1893 World’s Fair? What were the biggest changes happening in the United States during this time? How did electricity, the telegraph and telephone affect the average person living on farms? We will showcase progress in farming in the 19th century with some of the equipment in Quiet Valley’s collection. This theme will let us explore some of the amazing innovations and improvements that took place during this incredible period in time.

(All funds raised support the mission of the non-profit farm museum) [no smoking, no pets]

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