Group Tour Dates

We are accepting reservations for Farm Tours in Spring 2019

school group

Classes are defined as 30 individuals (students and adults) as this is the building capacity for some rooms on our tour.
We can schedule up to 8 classes per day. Available dates are subject to change.

Farm Tours are available September through early November and then mid April through early June.  Other programs, such as hands-on history programs are available for small groups November through April. Dates are subject to change. Please call the office for the most up to date information: 570-992-6161.

        April                                                                    May                                                     June

15th-8 groups                                                 1st-8 groups                                            4th-1 group

16th-2 groups                                                 2nd-6 groups                                          5th-2 groups

17th-8 groups                                                3rd-3 groups                                            6th-8 groups

18th-8 groups                                                6th-5 groups                                           7th-8 groups

19th-8 groups                                                 7th-7 groups

22nd-8 groups                                               8th-8 groups

23rd-8 groups                                                10th-1 group

24th-8 groups                                                 13th-6 groups

25th-8 groups                                                 14th-4 groups

26th-8 groups                                                 15th-6 groups

29th-8 groups                                                 16th-4 groups

30th-8 groups                                                 17th-3 groups

20th-4 groups

21st-4 groups

22nd-1 group

23rd-2 groups

28th-8 groups

29th-4 groups

31st-1 group