Group Tour Dates

We are accepting reservations for Farm Tours in Spring & Fall 2019

school group

Classes are defined as 30 individuals (students and adults) as this is the building capacity for some rooms on our tour.
We can schedule up to 8 classes per day. Available dates are subject to change.

Farm Tours are available September through early November and then mid April through early June.  Other programs, such as hands-on history programs are available for small groups November through April. Dates are subject to change. Please call the office for the most up to date information: 570-992-6161.

Availability as of April 1:

      April                                                                    May                                                     June

15th-4 groups                                                 1st-2 groups                                           4th-1 group

16th-5 groups                                                3rd-2 groups                                           6th-2 groups

17th-8 groups                                                7th-3 groups                                            7th-3 groups

18th-5 groups                                                 8th-5 group

19th-7 groups                                                16th-1 group

15th-1 group                                                  22nd-1 group

23rd-8 groups                                                31st-1 group

24th-4 groups

25th-8 groups

26th-5 groups

29th-5 groups

30th-8 groups