Spring and Fall Farm Tours

Throughout the year, Quiet Valley offers a number of interactive and unique programs.  These particular programs are offered in the Spring, Summer and Fall and are our most popular with school aged groups. These programs lend themselves well to medium to large sized groups.

Historic Farm Tour

Program runs 3 to 4 hours

Quiet Valley is an example of what life was like on a self-sufficient homestead in the 19th century.  Visitors learn about the Depper family and their descendants, who lived at this location from 1765 to 1913. Interpreters dressed in period clothing take you back in time to relive the story of this historic family and to observe the everyday activities of an 1800s farm. There are fourteen buildings, including both original and reconstructed ones across the 114 acres of Quiet Valley.

During the tour observe the farm animals and learn about the role they played in the life of the farm. A hay jump in the barn provides added fun for children.  See ‘members of the family’ spin material and weave fabric for clothing in the Granddaddy cabin.. In the farmhouse watch hearth cooking and discover how everyday utensils and items such as candles were made.

If time allows additional activities can be added to your visit including the one room school house, visits with small animals, and a stop in the gift shop!

Academic Standards met by our Tour:
Pennsylvania History Standards
Pennsylvania Science and Technology Standards

Weekdays – mid-April through 1st week in June & Fall
Grades 1 and up
$6.00 Children, 1 Teacher free for each 10 children, $8.00 Parent chaperones
Minimum: $100.00

One Room School Experience

Program runs 3½ hours

Our School marm begins the day with opening exercises typical in the year 1893: greeting, Pledge of Allegiance, and singing. Next, slate assignments are given, followed by recitation and arithmetic. At mid-day there is time for lunch (not included) and recess when children play old-time games. Geography, spelling bees, and penmanship are examples of afternoon activities that complete the day.

Our schoolhouse, a late 19th century reproduction, is furnished with slant-top desks, a pot belly stove and slate blackboards. Materials are available to use prior to your visit to prepare students for their journey back in time. Children are encouraged to wear period clothing.

Pennsylvania academic standards: History 8.2, Math 2.5, English 1.3, 1.4

Weekdays – November, January, February, March & Summer
Grade 3 and up
$6.50 per person
Minimum: $125.00

Henrietta the Hen

Program runs 1 to 1¼ hour

Henrietta the Hen will visit your school and help students learn about farm life in the olden days. The students will hear an original story about farm children and find out what a day was like for them. There will be related activities, games and a chance to meet a live chicken.

Pennsylvania academic standards: Science 3.3

Weekdays – November 1 to mid March
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
$5 per person


Molly the Sheep 

Program runs 1 to 1½ hours
Come visit
Molly the Sheep on the farm. Students have an opportunity to card wool, spin and weave as they learn the story of making cloth. They will also have a chance to interact with a live sheep and learn all about Molly and why she is important on the farm.

Pennsylvania academic standards: Art 9.2, Science 3.3

Weekdays – November, January, February, March, early April
Grades 1 and up
$6.00 per person
Minimum: $100

Combine Molly with the One Room School Program for a full day experience!

Molly/One Room School Program

Program runs 3½ to 4 hours

This program, held on-site at Quiet Valley, combines two of our most popular programs for children. Students learn about the importance of sheep and wool on the farm by meeting Molly the Sheep and taking part in hands-on activities related to spinning and weaving. Participants also take part in a One Room School experience in our reconstructed Schoolhouse.

Weekdays – November, January, February, March, early April
Grades 1 & up
$7.00 per person
Minimum: $100

Farm Hand Adventure

Program runs 3½ to 4 hours

An overall farm-life experience. After learning how a farmstead was settled in the late 1700s, the students are taught the bread making process from yeast to rising dough. Each child kneads the dough, shapes it, and at the end of the day takes home a small loaf of freshly baked bread. The children will then break into three groups, one at butter churning, one at wheat processing and one at the craft area. Groups will rotate until they have been through all three stations.

This is an active, hands-on way to learn about such important farm products as wheat and milk. Time and weather permitting, a walk to see the farm animals is included in the visit.

Pennsylvania academic standards: History 8.2, Art 9.2, Science 3.3

Weekdays – November, January, February, March, early April
Grades 3 and up
$10.00 per person
Minimum: $200