19th Century Days

“19th Century Days – A Day in the Life”
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Looking Forward to 2017
Save the Dates – April 20th & 21st

Registration will begin at 9 a.m. on February 1st.

Last year, over 150 students ages 6-18 had the opportunity to explore the lifestyle of a 19th century homestead. Each day featured two workshop slots with over 25 different workshop offerings from small and large animal husbandry to carding, spinning and weaving are all designed to meet the new Pennsylvania STEAM-based educational curriculum guidelines.

Workshop lists, the list of presenters and their bios, as well as things you need to know are all here!

Things You Need to Know 

This printable PDF contains all of the information about how to register for the program, the prices, and everything to help you get started.  We highly recommend that everyone reads this. Click here for: Things You Need to Know

Bios of Workshop Leaders

Find out more about the instructors who will be teaching the classes.  Each instructor has supplied a brief description of their background. Click here for: Bios of Workshop Leaders

Workshop 2017

workshops can fill up very quickly because many offerings have a limited number of students they can take.  We recommend you plan early and select 2 or 3 back up choices.  Click here for the Workshop Listings 2017

Registration will begin at 9 a.m. on February 1st! Registrations will be taken by phone or in person. (That’s different from last year, so please keep the change in mind.) Registration is complete only when payment is received. Payment by PayPal, credit card or debit card is recommended.  When you call to register please let us know if you and your child are interested in taking the morning tour ($8 adults and $5 children) on Thursday and scavenger hunt on Friday. Please also let us know if your child will be ordering lunch. Specific orders for lunch will be taken after registration is completed.

Current Workshop Availability 

Ages 14-18

Session One- Thursday 

Fireplace Cooking (13)

Large Animal Husbandry (14)

Session Two-Thursday

Spinning and Weaving (1)

Basketmaking (4)

Finding Historical Clues in Buildings (11)

Session Three-Friday

Bobbin Lace Making (5)

Mosses, Ferns, Fungi, Linchen (14)

Session Four-Friday

Blacksmith (4)

Small Animal Husbandry (14)

Large Animal Husbandry (15)

Ages 6-13

Activities List

Thursday Farm Tour

Friday Scavenger Hunt

Workshop List Ages 10-13

Session One-Thursday

Small Animal Husbandry (5)

Fireplace Cooking (3)

Gardening (14)

Bird Watching 101 (9)

Session Two-Thursday

Quilting Basics (1)

Candlemaking and Lighting (Filled)

Wool Dyeing (8)

Session Three-Friday

Schoolhouse (13)

Ropemaking (Filled)

Large Animal Husbandry (Filled)

Egg Etching (5)

Session Four Friday

Introduction to Spinning and Weaving (Filled)

Leatherworking  (Filled)

Tatting (Filled)

Session Five

Scherenschnitte (10)

Beginning Tinsmithing (Filled)

Peg Making using a Schnitzelbank (Filled)

Workshop Listing Ages 6-9

Session One-Thursday

Storytelling and Theater (11)

Pretzel Making (Filled)

Buttermaking (Filled)

Making Musical Instruments (7)

Session Two Thursday

Into the Woods (17)

Simple Toy Making (Filled)

Recess Games (14)

One Room Schoolhouse (21)

Session Three-Friday

Schoolhouse (19)

Small Animal Husbandry (Filled)

Ropemaking (Filled)

Corn Cob Dolls (Filled)

Session Four-Friday

Molly the Sheep Makes a Shawl (1)

Easy Gardening (2)

Henrietta (12)

Session Five-Friday

Recess Games (17)

Cookie Baking (4)

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits (Filled)

To enhance the experience, participants are encouraged to come in period dress, but it is not mandatory. Lunches will be available to order from Subway, or you may bring your own. There are a limited number of spots available each day, so make your reservation early. For more information call 570-992-6161, 570-992-9587 or 570-402- 0562