Interpreter spinning in cabinOur Mission – Preserving the Past for our Future

Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, is a non-profit, living history museum preserving 19th century Pennsylvania German agricultural heritage. Period dressed interpreters portray descendants of Johann Depper, re-enacting daily life on the farm.  Plan a visit today.

Nestled in the Pocono Mountain on 114 acres of beautiful pastures, woodlands and streams, Quiet Valley hosts all the farm animals typically found in the 1800s.  Rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, a mule and Clydesdale draft horses live on the homestead. The buildings include an 1850s bank barn, the original farmhouse, a cabin, spring house, ice house, smokehouse, dry house and assorted smaller barns. Quiet Valley is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Come visit the farm from 10-5 Tuesday-Saturday and 12-5 Sunday for a tour led by interpreters in period clothing and experience everyday life on a circa 1800s working farm. Admission $10 for adults $5 for children ages 3-12.  

Tuesday, August 23rd Sauerkraut Highlight  Sauerkraut was an important staple in the early Pennsylvania German diet and a source of vital nutrients. See a special demonstration on sauerkraut preparation.

Wednesday, August 24thQuilting Come on out and see the ladies quilting. Their hand-pieced quilt will be raffled off at Harvest Festival so you could win it if you buy a ticket.

Thursday, August 25th  Wheat Weaving Wheat weaving as a craft is centuries old and was practiced in grain growing countries worldwide. It was a part of rituals used to ensure a fruitful harvest.  Early American settlers used wheat weaving as it is used today, for decorative purposes.

Friday, August 26thYarn Dying Highlight The average Early American settler used wool from sheep and linen made from flax for their clothing. When processed both fibers are an off white to tan color. Since color in clothing was usually desirable the farm wife would have to use natural plant materials to dye the skeins of yarn or fabric. Come discover how cloth was given its vibrant colors in the era before chemicals.

Upcoming Events
Saturday, September 3rd – Farm to Table Food Tasting Experience
As a special fundraiser there will be a Farm to Table Food Tasting Experience – Saturday September 3, 2016 at Quiet Valley’s historic farm museum. Folks will be able to come out for a very tasty visit focused on end of summer produce and traditional harvest lore. Enjoy evening on the farm – a bucolic setting, the quiet sounds of evening in the country, a sense of 19th century rural Pennsylvania as you make four stops on your tour. From 4:00 to 6:30 pm small groups will go out every 20 minutes with the last one going at 6:30pm. The Farm to Table Experience takes about an hour and a half, and is rain or shine.
$15 pp, $10 ages 3-12